Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Measure...Measure Your Life in Cupcaaaaaaakes...

"The thought that life should be savored and not taken too seriously first occurred to me when I ate a cupcake from Billy's Bakery in New York City. The cake was yellow and vanilla, crowned with pink buttercream frosting. The sprinkles had settled in between the frosting's hardened peaks, and the cupcakes wrapper would not peel off at first, but I made peace with the cupcake's imperfection and allowed myself to fully enjoy it's delicious flavor. The next morning, I woke up with the taste of pink on my tongue and an appreciation for the best cupcake I had ever eaten. It could not rival a world-famous Magnolia Bakery or Cupcake Café cupcake in terms of appearance, but its simplicity made it extraordinary. Life is this cupcake."
-Excerpt from one of my tenth-grade English papers (topic: What Is the Meaning of Life?)

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